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About Us

Our Story

When we set out on our mission to find the best plant-based beverage alternative, we realized that from a sustainability perspective, not all plants are created equal. We uncovered that almonds specifically have detrimental environmental impacts and take 6x more water to grow than oats, for example. Enter organic oats, the little plant that drove our big idea. This discovery kicked our passion into high gear to find a way to turn this magical plant into a tasty, versatile, healthful, and sustainable drink for all to enjoy.

All of our products at Oaterra are created with one vision in mind – to use environmentally sound practices to offer you premium quality, organic, and the most sustainably delicious plant-based milks on the market.


Ethically Sourced Ingredients

We know that today’s modern foodscape is more healthful and sustainable leaving dairy behind, and that in this day and age, drinking almond milk is just nutty. 

100% Organic

We celebrate the way plants grow, heal, regenerate, and make life more beautiful in every way.

Fresh & Innovative

Here in PlantLand, life simply feels better. Welcome to PlantLand, where life simply feels better.

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Who We Are

Oaterra is female led and founded and strives to be an example of a truly grass-roots driven company creating products that have a purposeful and lasting impact on our Earth. Our founder takes pride in leading Oaterra from a consumer-based perspective understanding the importance of transparency and in knowing who stands behind the brand.

With a passion for the environment, and living with an autoimmune disease, Ashley Keightley, a California native, has always sought out healthy food and beverage choices which included eliminating the majority of dairy from her diet for both health and environmental reasons. Once a daily almondmilk drinker, she thought she was making a healthy choice with this nut-based beverage, but driving through the rural areas of her home state one day told a different story as she witnessed acres and acres of forests and wetlands being torn out to make room for almond trees. More research into the almond industry showed that California is producing over 99% of US almonds and over 82% of the world’s almonds, while utilizing over 1.1 trillion gallons of water a year in the drought riddled state. (it takes over 1.1 gallon of water to produce a single almond!). The use of fungicides for almond crops have also shown to be a contributing factor to the dying off of the honey bee population which is a huge environmental concern. With this information on hand, Ashley made it her mission to find a more sustainable, plant-based dairy alternative and Oaterra was brought to life.

“Oaterra is the result of my passion for promoting a healthy and sustainable environment in which we can thrive in; our products are simply a result of the quest for a delicious and functional plant-based drink to support this lifestyle in which we promote.”

- Ashley Keightley, Founder & CEO