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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oaterra Organic Oatmilk anyways?

Only your favorite organic oatmilk! Oaterra Organic Oatmilk is a sustainable, delicious, and functional beverage made from incredibly nourishing and healthful organic, gluten free oats. You can use it in any of your favorite beverages or enjoy a chilled glass on its own!

Are your bottles recyclable?

Our BPA free bottle is 100% recyclable which was one of our biggest priorities when determining packaging options.

Many of the cardboard containers you see on the shelves and in the refrigerated sections of the store are lined with plastic and even aluminum. In many areas of the country, these cardboard shelf stable packages cannot be recycled with your local recycling companies, and just add to our significant waste concerns. To encourage the best environmental practices, we wanted to ensure that our packaging could be recycled in all areas of the country while we work towards investigating an even more environmentally friendly option.

Is your oatmilk pasteurized?

Yes, all of our products are pasteurized to extend the shelf life for our customers use.

Is it Organic? Gluten Free? Vegan? Nut Free? Non-GMO? Soy Free? Carrageenan Free? Preservative Free? Kosher? With no Artificial Flavors, Additives, or Colors?

Should you even have to ask?! Absolutely, always, yes to all of the above. How else would we provide the best oatmilk available to our amazing customers?

Where are your oats sourced?

We use only the highest quality organic oats sourced from farmers across North America.

Do your products require refrigeration?

Our oatmilks are all fresh and require refrigeration.

How long does the oatmilk last after opening?

Our oatmilks are best when used within 7-10 days.

Do you add sugar to your products?

Naturally occurring sugar is created during the enzyme process when the starches are broken down. No sugar is ever added to the products outside of our creamy, decadent chocolate oat milk.

Do the oats used contain Glyphosate?

Our high quality organic oats are sourced from farmers that do not use Glyphosate as part of their agricultural practices.